2017 Toyota Tacoma

  • 2017 Toyota Tacoma

    Toyota Tacoma
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    • SPARK PLUGS – Remove & Replace – V6 – [Includes: R&I Intake Air Surge Tank.]
    • DIFFERENTIAL FLUID – Drain & Refill
    • DIFFERENTIAL FLUID – Drain & Refill – 4WD
    • DRIVER'S FLOOR MAT – CHECK – [Check installation of driver's floor mat driver's floor mat. BRAKE SYSTEM – INSPECT – [Visually inspect brake linings/drums and brake pads/discs.] FLUID LEVELS – INSPECT – [Inspect and adjust all fluid levels.] WIPER BLADES – INSPECT CABIN AIR FILTER – REPLACE – [Driving in heavy traffic, on dirt roads or in urban, the cabin air filter. Replacement may be needed if you notice reduced air flow from the air conditioner and heater or if the windows fog easily when you use the "Fresh" mode.] ENGINE COOLANT – REPLACE – [Drain the cooling system and refill with an ethylene-glycol type coolant. Inspect hoses and connections for corrosion and leaks.] ENGINE OIL & FILTER – REPLACE – [Reset the oil replacement reminder light ("MAINT REQD") or the message "OIL MAINTENANCE REQUIRED" on the multi-information display after maintenance at every 5,000 miles.] TIRES – ROTATE –
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